Country Redford Helps Fight Drug Addiction

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CONNEAUT — Music lovers were able to find something to their liking as area country, rock, alt rock and punk rock bands played to help fight the scourge of drug addiction.

The proceeds from the event are to help the two-year-old “Elevation” group that works to elevate awareness and education surrounding the drug problem, said Kori Marcy-Campbell who is one of the 15 members of the group.

Marcy-Campbell said the organization did at least 10 educational programs this year at area schools and churches. “We go in and educate people on the opioid epidemic,” she said.

The organization structures their meetings to answer questions people may have related to addiction and drugs. She said the organization brings speakers to the events ranging from a variety of recovery options to the Ashtabula County corner.

Marcy-Campbell said the group sold more than 100 tickets during the pre-sale option at $20 a piece. She said those who came to the event were able to listen to four different bands and have a dinner that was part of the admission price at the Dayz Restaurant and Lounge at Days Inn in Conneaut.

She said the group is sponsoring a Light the Night Event on Aug. 27 in conjunction with National Overdose Day. She said the work of first responders will be highlighted.

Many area police, firefighters and ambulance personnel face overdoses on a regular basis. Marcy-Campbell said she doesn’t know if anyone has a good answer as to how they maintain their emotional stability with all of the situations they face on a daily basis.

“First Responders have to dig deep to keep their heart in the job,” she said.

Marcy-Campbell said she is excited Signature Health has opened a facility in Conneaut to help deal with the crisis.

“Country Redford Unplugged,” “Liquor Face,” “Monkey Wrench” and “Helio Fiction” all donated their time to perform at the event, Marcy-Campbell said.

Elevate also had an educational table complete with many “drug safes” children can purchase to hide their drugs. Marcy-Campbell said she purchased all the items online.

The “drug safes” look like normal personal care products, such as a hair brush, or food canisters, like a can of Pringles potato chips. The items have inside compartments in which drugs can be hidden.

She said the educational programs seek to help parents and children understand some of the challenges they may face.

Aaron Davis, a musician with “Country Redford Unplugged,” said the group was excited to help fight the growing drug problem. “This particular benefit is very pertinent to our county and needs some attention at the national level, but wanted to act locally,” said the Jefferson resident.



This article originally posted by WARREN DILLAWAY on Aug 6, 2017, in the Star Beacon can be found at this link:


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